Elizabeth  Stanfield - Enjoy running on cross country trails in the countryside and getting absolutely full of mud. I am a little crazy and have no fear of farmers chasing me off their land !! Don't worry the running routes we complete are very safe and enjoyable, Crosby beach and so on...

My aim is to support women and help them reach their goals no matter what ability. I am a qualified coach for Southport and Waterloo Athletics club and have ran and coached children for the club for many years.

Success story - mentored two teachers at Greenbank High School, Southport. They lost over 3 stone in weight, one of them appeared in and won inch loss island on GMTV and completed the womans 10k in May 2005. 

One of my fondest memories is meeting Liz McColgen a professional long distance road runner and track athlete at Sefton park cross country championships. She was lovely and it was amazing to meet her as I had always admired what she had achieved during her running career. Gosh, I must not forget my lovely dad for running along the beach with me when I was about 8 years old and making me realise how much I loved running and being a free spirit.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you on your way to fitness.

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Cynthia Carter - I have lived in Blundellsands since the summer of 2009. As a newcomer I had no-one to run with, hence the Crosby Stormers!!

I have always enjoyed sport and athletics since my childhood, I ran for Staffordshire in my teens and later years ran my 1st marathon. I have worked in the leisure industry all my working life, mainly in teaching therapy work including training as an aerobic tutor.

Running is a pleasure for me and I have been a qualified walking/running coach for the last 10 years.

Happy running!



Maria Stanfield - I am eighteen years of age and attend Edge Hill University in Ormskirk. I love to play netball and hockey, but am really passionate about my running. I always remember my mum taking me to my first cross country run in Blackpool when I was nine. I was so nervous waiting to run off in a big muddy field so I can totally understand how people feel when they first start to run. The only bit of advise I can give you is that you will make so many friends and it will become such a positive thing in your life. I was a member of Southport and Waterloo running club and enjoy running with my mum (Liz). It is lovely to see the group expanding, Crosby, Formby and now Kirkby.


I had been running for a few years, but for a variety of reasons (kids, injuries, work) I had a long lay-off of about 5 years.  I had tried for many months to get back into running, but I could not get myself motivated to do anything.

One day, I was out walking my dogs and I saw some ladies running along the sea front at Waterloo. For some reason I was compelled to stop one of them and ask if they were part of a club. That person happened to be Cynthia and, in a matter of fact way, she said come along to Crosby leisure centre – see you next Wednesday! I haven’t looked back. My first ‘run’ felt like a disaster, I was starting again from scratch.  I struggled to do the one mile to the Coastguard Station. It was a slow jog, then a long walk.  Nobody judged or discouraged me. There was always someone next to me to offer encouragement and advice.

Fourteen months on, I have run two half marathons and several 10K race at better times than I was doing 20 years ago. Running with Crosby Stormers has helped me to improve considerably – more than I could have imagined.

Since running with Crosby Stormers, I have met many ladies who had never run before in their lives and running with the group has given them the opportunity to start from a walk, to running miles – miles more than they thought they could ever do. Everyone has their own goal – whether it is to get fitter, run faster, lose weight, run a few miles, it doesn’t matter – everyone is encouraged to achieve what they want.

For me, the Wednesday night session has been extended to include Tuesday night at the track and a Saturday morning run, which for those who have been on it, will know that it is a better way to spend a morning, rather than doing the usual domestic chores.

I am approaching my 50th birthday, which means that I could just as well have set my sights no further than watching TV and waiting for middle-aged spread to set in, but having caught the running bug once more, I now have another half marathon to train for (in March), plus a ‘Hell Run’ in February  - just 12 miles across a forest - and I have set my sights on doing a marathon this year. From the many members of Crosby Stormers, it is easy to find like- minded training partners, which makes the challenges a lot easier.

But Crosby Stormers is for anyone – whether they have run before, or not at all. Running is the best way to keep fit, lose weight, breathe fresh air, meet new friends, experience the camaraderie. It is impossible to beat the feeling of achievement – whether it is struggling through your first mile, or doing half marathon – I have been through it all and can only say TRY IT AND SEE!

Lynn Smith


Hello Everyone! 

 I have been running for a few years, but only started to train with the girls since January 2011. They have made SUCH a difference to my training, it's awesome!

I am currently training for the Liverpool Marathon- after swearing blind never to run one again-twice! I was inspired to run by my daddy who sadly died of Bowel Cancer in 1991, but he was a brilliant runner and I always run my marathons in his memory.
My aim is apart from getting a PB in the Marathon is to get more into X country and to bring my half marathon and 10k times right down (and also to run the NYC marathon!). And also to beat Paula Radcliffe next year in the London Olympics !!! 

Keep on running Bex x

My name is Helen Lavelle and I have been a member of Crosby Stormers since the early days! 

 During my school days I found running rather dull, and knackering! There seemed to be a turning point when I was about nineteen (many moons ago...) when I began jogging casually as an attempt to get fit during my unhealthy student days!  I slowly picked up the running bug and over the following decade I ran in local 10ks, half marathons and completed the London Marathon in 2002. Despite this I was never particularly competitive, just casually plodding along achieving roughly the same race times – which I was content with...or so I thought! Then a few summers ago my friend Gill told me about a new local ladies running group – The Crosby Stormers! I decided to pop along one Wednesday evening. From the minute I arrived it was apparent this was a super-friendly and encouraging group. 


After about a year of running with the Stormers Liz Stanfield encouraged me to come down to train on the running track at Litherland Sports Park. I was apprehensive to say the least – track running is for real runners isn't it?!? I was nervous before my first session,  and I won't deny it was hard, but I strangely enjoyed it and found myself going back the following week and subsequent weeks thereafter! 


Through a combination of running regularly with the Stormers on club nights/mornings and my new found love of the track, I found my running improving greatly and my race times slowly but surely decreasing. A few of the Stormer ladies are members of the local athletics club Southport Waterloo, and suggested I join. After some encouragement (yet again - “Me? Join an affiliated club for serious types? Are you having a laugh” etc. etc.) I joined, and have since discovered a new found passion for athletics and just a smidgen of competitive spirit within myself! I am currently running my second Cross County season for the club – which was a much maligned PE activity in my school days, but which now I absolutely love. I also ran the Liverpool Marathon last year, and my personal best for 10k is now 46 minutes. I am currently on a mission to crack 45 minutes – at the ripe old age of 35! 


Ultimately though, it has been the support from the Stormers that has brought such a passion for running into my life. I must add we do like to balance our efforts with regular nights out (I've never met a Stormer that isn't partial to a slap-up meal and a glass of vino!!), and we have been known to make weekends of it when we go off to the Lake District to attempt a muddy trail run! The group is much more than just about running though – it's about building self-esteem and confidence, and I have met so many lovely women who have turned into great friends. 


So from someone her P.E. teacher previously looked down on with really do not know what you are capable of until you try! 

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